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Provincial Food Distribution

• 11 Million lbs , 44,000 visits, 53,00 breakfasts weekly, 

65 members, 

• We collect 10 million dollars worth of product to the network every year

We provide delivery to all food banks in NB

• We maintain a 15 000 square food storage warehouse with industrial capacity refrigeration

• Supporting 22 000 visits to food banks each month in New Brunswick

• Providing 5000 breakfasts to schools daily

 Supporting Local farms through a local food buying strategy!

Join our Network! 

Are you a food security organization providing food to people in your community in the province of New Brunswick? Are you responding to a need in food security programming? (i.e. meal program) 

The New Brunswick Food Depot Alimentaire is the provincial association of food banks for Food Banks Canada, supporting a national network of over 3000 food banks, kitchens, shelters, and nonprofits supporting food security across the country.

Currently, New Brunswick has 65 member agencies. 

  • Joining this network provides your organization with the opportunity to access provincial and national -food supply purchases and donations free of charge
  • food retail program gives access to food recovery initiatives for member agencies
  • funding opportunities through grants, specified donations, and national campaigns
  • Support through network standards, communications, and sharing of best practices among members. 
  • Access to Link2Feed database system at free of charge

At the NBFDA we support close collaboration and sharing of resources between agencies. Our application to the membership is two-tiered. 

The initial inquiry will allow our Advisory Committee to review the organization’s needs and location and determine whether the organization has the potential to partner with a local food bank as a “satellite” to receive support. The local food bank or agency would then provide administration support, donations, and access to services through their own membership.

The criteria for review includes 

  • Location and proximity of local food bank or current member agency
  • Description of programs, number of people served and evaluate possible duplication of services
  • Identify barriers to access within community for certain populations (BIPOC, religion etc)
  • Identify capacity within community and potentials for partnerships

The final inquiry will be in the form of a proposal requesting more detailed information about your organization’s governance, operations, statistics, and programming. 

Annual Membership Fees: 

$250 Small food bank – 1-199 individuals served

$500 Medium food bank – 200-499 individuals served

$750 Large food bank – 500+ individuals served

Our Team

Food Depot Alimentaire is operated by a Board of Directors, a small staff and a large group of volunteers.

Board Directors

Remi Belliveau – Interim President
Marc LeBlanc – Treasurer
Heather Libby – Secretary
Rick Melanson – Member
Diane Carey – Member
Laurie Stewart – Member
Sylvie Godin-Charest – Member
Melanie Ouellette-Toner – Member

Honorary Board Members

Ray Gould

Food Depot Alimentaire Staff

Stephane Sirois – Executive Director
Ian Harvey – Administrator
Jayne Leaderman – Administrative Assistant
Steve MacIntyre – Director of Warehouse Operations
Ken Canning – Food Procurement & Transportation Logistics
Natalia Startsev – Inventory Controls
Don Killam – Provincial Transport Driver
Paul Henri – Student Nutrition Transport Driver
Tony Gerbert – Local Transport Driver
Nick Freeman – Forklift Operator
Max Walters- warehouse/ forklift operator
Carrie Delaney – Provincial Coordinator-Programs and Community Engagement.



This is different from a 50/50 Draw… 

  • You must be registered to play and you will remain in the draw every week until we are advised to deactivate your account. 
  • There are two options to play:
    • IN PERSON at a retail outlet: Register to play by providing your name and phone number at any of the retail outlets listed below and you will be assigned a TICKET NUMBER which will also be your PLAYER /ACCOUNT NUMBER. You can then purchase tickets – $2 each; 3/$5; 10/$10; 25/$20, etc. There is no minimum purchase requirement per transaction other than your $2.00 ticket. 
    • ONLINE: If you are a resident of the Province of New Brunswick, you are able to register and purchase your tickets ONLINE at www.FDA5050.com, by providing your name, address, phone number and email address. Players will be assigned a TICKET/PLAYER/ACCOUNT NUMBER. You can then purchase tickets. 
      • Any email address can only be associated with ONE Player. (You cannot use the same email address for different players) 
      • Due to online charges, there is a minimum TOTAL purchase of $10.00 per transaction which can be used to purchase tickets on the current and/or future draws. (eg: $2 ticket x 5 weeks; 3/$5 ticket x 2 weeks; or 10/$10 ticket x 1 week) 
  • CHECK YOUR TICKET AFTER EVERY PURCHASE to ensure all is correct and KEEP YOUR TICKET as proof of purchase. 
  • Every week on draw day (Wednesday), the draw will automatically shut down ticket sales at 1:00pm. It then self audits every ticket to ensure there is a minimum of one ticket in the draw for each registered active player; that any additional tickets purchased for that draw are in the draw; and payment for any purchased tickets has been processed. 
  • There is no physical drum with physical tickets – One ticket is then chosen using a random number generator and it is identified via the 50/50 Goldrush automated software if that ticket number was purchased that week.
    •  If it was purchased, the player named on that ticket would be a WINNER and collect one-half of the Goldrush Jackpot. 
    • If it was NOT purchased, then the player named on that ticket would be a NON-WINNER, collect zero and the entire Goldrush Jackpot would roll over to the next week.
  • In the case of a dispute, it is the person whose name is on the winning ticket number who receives the winnings, so always check your ticket after every purchase or you may end up purchasing tickets for someone else!
  • The process then repeats itself the following week.
  • Players DO NOT have to be at home at the time of the draw to win. We will continue to reach out to connect with the winners (up to 12 months from the draw date) and we do not draw another ticket. 
  • You can purchase additional tickets on a draw to increase your chances to win. The purchase of 3/$5.00 pay for the first ticket which is ALWAYS IN THE DRAW and adds two additional paid tickets for a total of three chances to win on that draw; a 10/$10.00 purchase pays for the first ticket which is ALWAYS IN THE DRAW and ADDS nine additional tickets for a total of ten chances to win on that draw, etc. 
  •  The “dash + number – #” after each primary number on the player’s ticket represents individual tickets for that draw which is how the system identifies unique tickets in each draw. The primary number on the ticket should always be the same and it should be your assigned player/ticket number. 
  • There is no limit on the number of tickets that can be purchased. (over)
  •  If a player wishes to purchase additional tickets at any time, they do not have to continue to purchase them moving forward. After each draw, those additional tickets (ending in -2; -3, -4, etc) are archived. You only ever have to ensure you pay for your initial $2 ticket every week to avoid being a NON-WINNER. 


  • Players are to be 19 years of age or older OR will require their parent authorization and presence to claim any prize money. 
  • It is the Player’s responsibility to keep their contact information current. Call us to update your ticket information and DO NOT enter the draw with a new player number. Each registered ticket/player number remains in EVERY DRAW until we are advised to remove it. (see below). 
  • It is the TICKET NUMBER THAT DETERMINES THE WINNER (OR NON-WINNER) OF THE DRAW. Winnings will be awarded to the name attached to the winning ticket number. 
  • Do not enter the draw with multiple player numbers. Contact us immediately if your player number has been changed to ensure you do not have duplicate entries. With duplicate entries, you will be responsible for paying for each unique player number. 

Where Do You Register and Play Each Week? 

Players can purchase their ticket(s) at any of the following locations at any time. 

  • IN MONCTON: Any NEEDS Convenience; Salisbury Road PetroCan; Westmount Service Center; Circle K St George Blvd; Lakeside Convenience; Caledonia Industrial Park Shell; Horseman Road Shell; Lyons Country Store, Lutes Mountain 
  • IN RIVERVIEW: NEEDS Convenience; The Rite Stop; Riverview Circle K; Point Park PetroCan 
  • IN DIEPPE: Dieppe Shell Blvd Adelard Savoie; Dieppe Blvd Ultramar 
  • IN SALISBURY: NEEDS Convenience; McTavys 
  • IN SHEDIAC: Belliveau Grocery/Gas Bar; Vestiaire St Joseph and Wilsons Gas Stop 
  • IN SACKVILLE: Circle K Irving 
  • IN RICHIBUCTO: NEEDS Convenience 
  • IN PORT ELGIN: NEEDS Convenience 
  • ONLINE at www.FDA5050.ca 

Can Players Purchase Tickets in Advance or Online? 

You are able to purchase tickets for future draws at any of the locations listed above and/or online for up to one year (52 weeks). Ticket purchase STARTS on the date of the purchase. You can also purchase additional tickets on the current draw at any time and continue future draws with just your $2 ticket. Tickets are available for purchase online at www.FDA5050.com. 

When Is The Draw? 

The draw will occur every Wednesday afternoon at 1:00 pm. If draw date falls on a statuary holiday, the draw will occur the following day. The winner will be contacted by phone and the name of the winner or non-winner is posted on the terminal screen at each retail location until the next draw as well as on our website, Facebook Page and Twitter Account. 

How Do I Change My Name or Contact Information or Withdraw From The Draw? 

  • It is the player’s responsibility to keep their contact information current. 
  • You can update your account information by contacting us at (506) 875-1958 or email at: 5050@fooddepot.ca or to have your draw number suspended indefinitely; otherwise, your number will be registered and in play indefinitely. 

THANK YOU for supporting this draw that helps us help so many families in our communities! 

Our weekly 50/50 draw gives us a steady stream of revenue that – in addition to buying food – helps pay the administrative costs not covered by donations and/or grants.

Once you register at one of our designated locations, you may purchase individual tickets for $2 each, three tickets for $5 or 10 tickets for $10. Public draws are held Wednesdays at 1:00 pm at the distribution centre and the winners are contacted shortly afterwards.

Please note that you must pay a minimum of $2 each week to activate a ticket. Otherwise, it will be considered a non-winning ticket if drawn. Your name will remain in the draw each week until you deactivate your account.

The more tickets you buy, the greater your chances of winning!

50/50 Locations

Players can purchase their ticket(s) at any of the following locations.

Any of the Needs convenience stores located in Moncton, Riverview, Salisbury, Richibucto, and Port Elgin. Other locations include:

IN MONCTON: AC Convenience, PetroCan Salisbury Road, Westmount Service Center and Lakeside Convenience, Caledonia Industrial Park Shell, Horseman Road Shell, and Lyons General Store

IN RIVERVIEW: The Rite Stop, Circle K Riverview, Point Park PetroCan

IN DIEPPE: Dieppe Shell Blvd Adelard Savoie and Dieppe Blvd Ultramar

IN SALISBURY:  McTavey’s General Store

IN SHEDIAC: Belliveau Grocery, Vestiaire St Joseph and Gas Bar, and Wilsons Gas Stop

IN SACKVILLE: Circle K Irving in Sackville

Need to update your contact information or deactivate your player number? Contact us at 506-800-0803 or 5050@fooddepot.ca.


This past year alone, individual donations have helped us feed more than 1,100,000 people, 30,000 of whom were families. Learn how to to make your own contribution in How to Help and keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming fundraisers!

Charity Golf Tournaments

Come join the fun! Each year, we’re proud to host both the Harvest Cup Charity Classic and the Caledonia Cup for Hunger Awareness. Raise funds for those less fortunate while enjoying great food, great laughs and great friends. Check our calendar for upcoming dates and get in touch to register your team, become a sponsor, donate an auction item or for any other information.

Christmas Aid Program

Ensuring that 1,800 families receive the joy of a traditional Christmas dinner and food to sustain them throughout the holidays is no small feat, and we’re continually astounded by the number of volunteers and local businesses who volunteer their time to make donations and deliver boxes for our Christmas Aid Program.

“Overall, this is our biggest project of the year in terms of funds required and food
distributed” says FDA vice president and project coordinator Carla Ayles.
“Just the number of volunteers alone is surprising. To many it appears to be a one-
day activity but in reality, this is a two-month project from start to finish”.

Registration for a Christmas box takes place each year from the end of October to mid- December. If you’re interested, please contact the distribution centre or Peter McKee Community Food Centre. All donations can be made during our Sue Stutltz Turkey Drive, which you can learn more about on our Donations page.

For many New Brunswickers and Canadians, hunger is a real challenge that they must face in their daily lives.

On average, Moncton’s two community kitchens serve 740 meals to men, women and children each day.

In this past year, we have…..

  • Supplied food banks and soup kitchens with more than 2.5 million pounds of food.
  • Served more than 1,100,000 meals, 30,000 of which were served to families. Out of these 30,000 families, a little more than 40,000 adults and 18,000 children under the age of 18 were fed.
  • Logged more than 20,000 volunteer hours at our distribution centre. This doesn’t include the numerous volunteers at individual food banks.

Our Programs

Food Recovery Program

Together we can make Moncton a zero waste city

In October 2016, in partnership with Food Banks Canada and the City of Moncton, the Food Depot Alimentaire launched their Greater Moncton Food Recovery Program! The FRP is a collaborative program made up of 7 agencies across Greater Moncton who benefit from food recovered products on a weekly basis. The Food Depot Alimentaire facilitates the program by gathering retail partners to donate their food once it is ready to be pulled from the shelves, including meat, fish, produce and dairy. Our refrigerated vehicles run regular pickups based on the partners needs and once the food is returned to our warehouse it is divided among member agencies. Time-sensitive food is sent to our Medavie Community Kitchen for preservation. Food Depot Alimentaire ensures all food safety standards are met. To get involved please contact us at 506-800-0803 or at Info@fooddepot.ca

Together we can make Greater Moncton a ZERO waste city!

Our Participating Retailers: Sobeys, Atlantic Superstore, Atlantic Wholesale Cash & Carry and Costco.

Food Recovery Program Partners

Food Recovery Program Information

The Food Depot Alimentaire in partnership with the City of Moncton, Food Banks Canada and local non-profit food agencies have identified the need for a centralized city-wide Food Recovery Program.

Listed Members of the Food Recovery Program

  1. Peter McKee Food Centre
  2. Karing Kitchen
  3. Ray of Hope Kitchen
  4. Maison Nazareth
  5. Crossroads for Women 
  6. Harvest House
  7. Salvation Army Moncton
  8. Second Mile 
  9. Albert County 
  10. Youth Quest
  11. John Howard Society
  12. United Way / Inspiration Café
  13. St. George Church

Program Objectives:

  • Reduce food waste specifically fresh foods in local area grocery stores and markets
  • A centralized system to bring efficiencies and reduce workload for retailers and NPOs
  • Create transportation logistics and reduce carbon food-print
  • Increase food safety by keeping the cold chain, and proper warehouse storage
  • Increase food security for individuals and families who need the food

Annual Reports

Annual Report


Annual Report


Annual Report


Annual Report


Year-End Financial Report


Year-End Financial Report


Year-End Financial Report


Year-End Financial Report