330 MacNaughton Avenue, Moncton

Servicing the frontline on hunger

Food Depot Alimentaire (FDA) is a registered, non-profit charitable organization that serves food banks, community kitchens, after-school programs and other supportive agencies across Southeastern New Brunswick. Our primary functions include food storage and distribution, fundraising and food collection and advocacy for the people we serve and the agencies we support.

In April 2017 in partnership with the NBAFB and Midland Transport, the Food Depot Alimentaire launch their provincial distribution division. Located at 330 MacNaughton, the warehouse is collecting and distributing hundred of thousands of pounds of food each month to over 56 food banks throughout all of New Brunswick.


This past year alone, individual donations have helped us feed more than 1,100,000 people, 30,000 of whom were families. Learn how to to make your own contribution in How to Help and keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming fundraisers!

Charity Golf Tournaments

Come join the fun! Each year, we’re proud to host both the Harvest Cup Charity Classic and the Caledonia Cup for Hunger Awareness. Raise funds for those less fortunate while enjoying great food, great laughs and great friends. Check our calendar for upcoming dates and get in touch to register your team, become a sponsor, donate an auction item or for any other information.

Hunger Awareness Week 2019

Hunger awareness week is hosted by food banks across the country to spread information and awareness on the often unnoticed problem of hunger in Canada. During the third week of September, we encourage everyone to take a few moments to think about those who struggle and how you can intervene.

How can you help?

Donate Food

  • We encourage you to drop one or more food items in a Food Depot
    Alimentaire donation bin, located at most major shopping centres.

Donate Money

  • We’ll provide you with a tax receipt for the full amount of your donation.

Donate Time

  • Volunteer for one or more of the many activities scheduled throughout the week.
  • See below for details!

Christmas Aid Program

Ensuring that 1,800 families receive the joy of a traditional Christmas dinner and food to sustain them throughout the holidays is no small feat, and we’re continually astounded by the number of volunteers and local businesses who volunteer their time to make donations and deliver boxes for our Christmas Aid Program.

“Overall, this is our biggest project of the year in terms of funds required and food
distributed” says FDA vice president and project coordinator Carla Ayles.
“Just the number of volunteers alone is surprising. To many it appears to be a one-
day activity but in reality, this is a two-month project from start to finish”.

Registration for a Christmas box takes place each year from the end of October to mid- December. If you’re interested, please contact the distribution centre or Peter McKee Community Food Centre. All donations can be made during our Sue Stutltz Turkey Drive, which you can learn more about on our Donations page.

50/50 DRAW


October 16, 2019 – Event 346


Next draw (Event 347) to be held Wednesday, Oct 23, 2019 at 1:00 pm

Our weekly 50/50 draw gives us a steady stream of revenue that – in addition to buying food – helps pay the administrative costs not covered by donations and/or grants.

Once you register at one of our designated locations, you may purchase individual tickets for $2 each, three tickets for $5 or 10 tickets for $10. Public draws are held Wednesdays at 1:00 pm at the distribution centre and the winners are contacted shortly afterwards.

Please note that you must pay a minimum of $2 each week to activate a ticket. Otherwise, it will be considered a non-winning ticket if drawn. Your name will remain in the draw each week until you deactivate your account.

The more tickets you buy, the greater your chances of winning!

50/50 Locations

  • Needs Convenience Stores: Moncton, Riverview, Richibucto, Port Elgin
  • A & C Convenience: McLaughlin Road
  • Petro Can: Point Park Riverview & Salisbury Road
  • The Rite Stop: Trites Road, Riverview
  • Circle K Irving: Coverdale Road, Riverview
  • WestMount Service Centre (Esso): Mountain Road, Moncton
  • Shell, boul Adélard-Savoie, Dieppe
  • Shediac Wilsons Gas Stop, Shediac

Need to update your contact information or deactivate your player number? Contact us at 506-875-1958 or 5050@fooddepot.ca.


We all have heard how it “takes a village to raise a child”, well in that same vain we believe it “takes a community to feed its hungry”.

How Does It Work?

You must be registered to play.  Register by providing your name and phone number at any of the retail outlets listed below and you will be assigned a player ID number and 5-digit ticket number.  At the start of each weekly draw, one ticket (with the player ID and ticket number on it) for each registered player physically drops into a large drum at the Food Depot Alimentaire.  Purchasing a $2.00 ticket activates the ticket in the drum providing you with a chance to win.  The purchase of a $5.00 ticket activates the ticket in the drum as well as drops two additional tickets into the drum for a total of three chances to win and a $10.00 purchase activates the ticket in the drum and drops an additional nine ticket into the drum for a total of ten chances to win.  There is no limit on the number of tickets you can purchase.  On draw day, Food Depot draws ONE ticket from the drum and identifies through the computer if the number on the ticket drawn was purchased that week.  If yes, then the person associated with that ticket is contacted and receives 50% of the amount in the pot. If no, the entire pot is moved into the following week’s draw.  All printed tickets in the drum are then removed and the process repeats itself.  You do not have to be at home at the time of the draw to win.  The winner has 12 months from the draw date to claim their winnings.

Where Do You Register and Play Each Week?

Any of the Needs convenience stores located in Moncton, Riverview, Richibucto and Port Elgin.  Other locations include:  AC Convenience, The Rite Stop, Circle K Riverview, Point Park PetroCan, PetroCan Salisbury Road, Westmount Service Station, Dieppe Shell Blvd Adelard Savoie and Shediac Wilsons Gas Stop Shediac.  Players can purchase their ticket(s) at any location.

Can Players Purchase Tickets in Advance or Online?

You are able to purchase tickets for future draws at any of the locations listed above for up to one year.  You can still purchase additional tickets on the current draw at any time.  Tickets are not available for sale online at this time.

When Is The Draw?

The draw will occur each Wednesday afternoon at 1:00 pm at Food Depot. The winner will be contacted by phone and the winning number posted on our website, Facebook Page and Twitter. The name of the winner or non-winner is posted on the terminal screen at each retail location until the next draw. 

How Do I Change My Name or Contact Information or Withdraw From The Draw?

You must contact Food Depot Alimentaire to change your name, contact information or to have your draw number suspended indefinitely; otherwise, your number will be registered and in play indefinitely. 

Contact us at (506)875-1958 or send an email to:  5050@fooddepot.ca

(Lottery License #0432818 56 000)


for supporting this draw that helps us help so many families in our communities!

Our Facilities

Located in the Caledonia Industrial Park, our 12,000 square foot warehouse hosts a large walk-in freezer and refrigeration unit, which allows us to store over 2.5 million pounds of dry, fresh and frozen food annually.

Peter Mckee Community Food Centre

Along with other community initiatives, we’re proud to operate the Peter Mckee Food Centre (PMCFC) on St. George Street. PMCFC provides the citizens of Moncton with a variety of valuable resources including a food centre, thrift store, teaching kitchen and community boardroom. Both the Food Depot warehouse and PMCFC operate Monday-Friday during regular business hours.


Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. Collectively 30,0000 volunteer hours are given each year to assist Food Depot Alimentaire and the Peter Mckee Food Centre in everything from food delivery and maintenance to administrative support and intake procedures. If you’re interested in using an hour or two of your time to make a difference, let us know today!

Distribution Centre

330 MacNaughton Avenue
Moncton, NB


Appointments Ext 1
Accounting: Ext.2
Director: Ext.3
Warehouse: Ext.4
Food Centre: Ext.5
Christmas Box: Ext.6

News & Upcoming Events

Keep updated on all upcoming events such as Hunger Awareness Week, our Christmas Food Program and much more!

Latest News

CAREER OPPORTUNITY: Community Food Security Coordinator

CAREER OPPORTUNITY:Community Food Security Coordinator

Full Time 40 hours per week, hours may vary.
Benefits Available

Food Depot Alimentaire (FDA) is a non-profit organization which services over 40 various food banks, soup kitchens, crisis centers, school breakfast programs, after school programs, etc. in Southeastern NB. It is also the provincial distribution center for all of NB on behalf of New Brunswick Association of Food Banks (NBAFB). The Peter Mckee Community Food Center is owned and operated by FDA and provides Moncton clients with a food bank, teaching kitchen, GED program, community garden, clothing thrift store, and learning seminar services.

Educational requirements:

  • Minimum 2 years post secondary education in social services or a related field, completion of college or university program.
  • Minimum 5 years experience in a related field, working directly with people in need, people experiencing homelessness, and mental health and addiction issues.
  • Minimum 2 years experience in supervisory or management position.
  • Knowledge and understanding of issues surrounding food insecurity and poverty in our province, and knowledge and understanding of government policies, and departments related to poverty and food security issues.
  • Knowledge of other non profit organizations, services and resources available in the community

Bilingualism is a strong asset

Working under the direction of the Executive Director

  • Responsible for overall day to day operations of the Peter McKee Community Food Centre , it’s staff and volunteers.
  • Working directly with clients to determine other areas of need, and assistance. Case management, handling of difficult and escalating situations.
  • Responsible for volunteer coordination with corporate groups and individuals
  • Works closely with Executive Director to create partnerships, apply for funding grants, plan and facilitate fundraising activities, and develop programming related to the Peter McKee centre.
  • Supervises and gives direction to staff, volunteers and students whose duties are related to the Peter McKee centre.
  • Attends and facilitates meetings
  • Responsible for cleanliness and maintenance of the building and property at all times
  • Ensures and develops policies and procedures related to the Peter McKee centre, specifically the food bank, and ensures food quantities are maintained. Works with the Food Depot staff and Executive Director on food procurement.
  • Works to reduce food bank visits. Works closely with community kitchen and community garden staff as well as in partnership and collaboration with other community organization to meet community goals.
  • Ensures reports on all activities are current and ensures all information related to client services are entered in our data tracking systems
  • Other related duties may be requested.

Interested candidates must provide a resume to chantal.senecal@fooddepot.ca or call 506-383-4281 ext. 103 and ask for Chantal Senecal.


330 MacNaughton Avenue, Moncton, NB E1H 2K1

(506) 383-4281