April 4, 2020 

New Brunswick’s 176 dairy farmers feel privileged to be able to continue their work to supply New Brunswickers with local, healthy food choices during this pandemic.

We wish to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank all of the individuals involved in the food supply chain from our truckers who continue to pickup the milk at the farms, the dairy plant workers who pasteurize it, package it and distribute it to the grocery stores, the grocery store employees who stock the shelves and the cashiers who handle our product every day. We also want to recognize the Canadian consumers for continuing to choose our Canadian dairy products.

A special thank you to the public health sector workers for everything they do to keep all Canadians safe and healthy before, during and after this crisis.

Dairy farmers are aware of the economic hardships that families will be going through as this pandemic continues and they have reached out to food banks in New Brunswick and across the country in response to these increased needs.

Canada’s dairy farmers have agreed to contribute more than $4.5 million in dairy products to food banks over the next few months.

In New Brunswick, dairy farmers and a local fluid processor will donate $40,000 worth of dairy products over the next 12 weeks.

Ken Canning, Manager Warehousing -Transportation Logistics at the Food Depot Alimentaire INC located in Moncton, NB indicated that they planned on distributing 17,000 Liters over the course of 12 weeks to its 6 districts located throughout the province to fill the needs of its breakfast and lunch programs targeting school-aged children.

For more details contact Ken Canning at 506-383-4281 Ext # 105