Other Agencies

Listed are food centres/banks, agencies, and programs supported by Food DEPOT Alimentaire

Moncton Food Depot Alimentaire  T: 383-4281 F: 388-5822  
  Chantal Senecal, Executive Director  330 MacNaughton Ave  E1H 2K1
  T: 383-4281 (Ext. 3)      
  C: 380-9481      
  Hours of Operation - Mon-Fri email: info@fooddepot.ca  
  8am to 4pm      
  Peter McKee Community Food Centre  T: 383-4281 (ext.2001) F: 388-5822  
  Julie Mitton: Food Security Coordinator 475 St. George St.   E1C 1Y8
  T: 383-4281 (ext. 108)      
  email: julie.mitton@fooddepot.ca      
  Hours of Operation: Mon,Tues,Thurs,Fri 8am-4pm, Wed 8am-7pm      
  Chantal Senecal, Executive Director (see FDA info)      



2nd Mile Food Bank  T: 857-9121 F: 857-0150  
  Don's cell:  531-1373, Manager 243 Lewisville Road,  E1C 8T6
  Linda Ayer, Food Coordinator       
  Hours of Operation - Mon, Tues, Wed email:don.ayer@hotmail.com  
  10am to 11:45pm; closed the first 7 days of every month secondmilefb@gmail.com  
  Karing Kitchen Inc. T: 854-3837 F: 858-0302  
  Bruce Lawson (Manager) 75 Alma Street   E1C 4Y3
    e-mail: karing.kitchen@yahoo.ca  
  Hours of operation Mon - Fri ; 11-1:00pm      
  Maison Nazareth Inc. T: 858-5702 F: 859-7819  
  Boutique Encore: 384-1853 Shelter: 14 Clark St   E1C 2V7
  Joe- Coordinator e-mail:maison-nazareth@nb.aibn.com
  Déo Cuma  389-1476 Boutique Encore: 475 St. George Street. E1C 1Y4
  Open 24/7 (shelter), Mon-Sat: 9:30am-5pm (boutique)       
  Ray of Hope Needy Kitchen T: 857-4224 F:857-0020  
  Greg Fennell (Manager) 340 Dominion Street E1C 6H8
  Colin Wallace (Treasurer) Closes first 7 days of the month   
  Hours of Operation Mon to Fri 9am-12pm      
                           Cross Roads For Women   T: 857-8028 F: 853-4159  
  Tina Tibideau - Executive-Director P.O Box 1247    E1C 8P9
  874-3836 Rhea Gallant: 857-4184  
  Contact person - Suzanne Bibeau cell 863-5646 Suzanne Bibeau: T:857-4211  
    e-mail: amanda@crossroadsforwomen.ca
  Open 24/7      
                            The Salvation Army Moncton Community & Family Services        
  Dean Pritchett (Resource/Development Coordinator) T: 389-9901 F: 389-1060  
  Natasha Burkett (Executive Director)      
  Website: www.samonctoncfs.com email:  dean_pritchett@can.salvationarmy.org
  Hours of Operations:  Mon- Fri 9am - 4pm  32 King Street    
Bouctouche Le Vestiaire St.-Jean Baptiste T: 743-6596 F: 743-8320  
  Contact: Cecile Doucette (Manager) 66 Avenue de la Rivière E4S 3A7
    email: vestiairebouctouche@gmail.com
  Francis L'arrivee - V. President  955-9199      
  Open Mon - Friday 8:30am-3:30pm, Thur 8:30am-7pm      
Dorchester Dorchester Food Bank T: 379-6232    
  Deanna Crossman - 379-6232 11 School Street   E4K 2Z6
  Linda LeBlanc - President  Address all mailings to:  
  Hours of Operation: 2nd Tuesday 11-3 Wendy Daly@23 Woodhurst Rd,   
    Middleton, NB   E4K 3G5
    Shirley Buck  Tel: 379-2263  
    No email or fax must be mailed or delivered    
    on Tuesdays is pick up at warehouse    
  closes first 7 days of the month      
Memramcook Banque Alimentaire de Memramcook T: 758-2589 F:758-2580  
  Anita Boudreau   758-2127 576 rue Centrale   E4K 3S7
  Murielle Landry   758-2589 e-mail: stecroix@nb.sympatico.ca  
  email: anita-boudreau@yahoo.com      
  Hours of Operation - 3rd Wednesday of the month - 9:30am to 11:00am      
    Magella - Computer stuff 758-0013    
Memramcook Teen Challenge Atlantic  T: 758-2377 F: 758-9227  
  1187 Principale St.                          Remi Legacy     
    email: rlegacy@tcatlantic.org  
  Matthew Barbour  /  Joanne Chiasson         
  Hours of Operation:  Mon - Friday 8:30-4:30      
Petitcodiac S.P.O.T.  T: 756-8545 F: 756-8545 send after 3 pm
    5 Mill Road, Petitcodiac E4Z 4M8
  Vicky Crossman (Management) email: spot1@belllaliant.com     
  Sherri Cook-Carson (Coordinator)      
  Hours wed & thurs 10-11:45 closed the 1st week of the month      
Port Elgin P.E.D.V.A.C. Foundation T: 538-7638 F: 538-7638  
  12 Church Street, Port Elgin, NB, E4M 2C9 Val MacDermid (Executive Director)
  Anne Goodwin (Administrative Assistant)  e-mail: pedvacfoundation@nb.aibn.com
  T: 538-7657      
  Hours of Operation: Tues - Fri 9:30am-12:30pm Office hours Mon-Sat 9-5   
Riverside/ Shepody Food Bank T: 882-2323    
Albert Irma Vandenburg (Coordinator)- 882-2919 8 Forestdale Rd., Riverside-Albert, NB
  Janet Hoar (Coordinator)- H 882-2710 C 981-1071     E4H 3Y7
  Gary Collins- 882-2342 (delivery) hoars@nb.sympatico.ca shepodyfoodbank@gmail.com
  Hours of Operation: Wed 1-3 (clients), Mon and Wed volunteers at 9am-11am      
Richibucto Kent County Volunteer Action T: 523-7580 F: 523-6339  
  Rhonda Robichaud President      
  (home: 523-7524) C: 523-3633 10 Main St., Rexton, NB E4W 1Z7
  Wendy Ferguson: 523-0012 (home) 524-7697 (cell)      
    e-mail: kcfb@nb.aibn.com  
  Hours of Operations - Tues, Wed, Thur  11 - 4      
Riverview Albert County Food Bank Inc. T: 386-7824 F:386-4165   
  Dave Rose President  386-8052 dandlrosse@bellaliant.net  
  Dianne LeBlanc :  (T: 386-6094) Christmas Box Registration - 386-1771  
  Mary Pyne, Treasurer 386-1005      
  50 Runneymeade Rd                E1B 4M7  e-mail: dialouleb@hotmail.com  
    David Owen **Food 386-4592  
  Hours of Operation Tues 1-4, Wed 10-1       
Rogersville Le Comité de Bénévolat T: 775-2800    
  11133 rue Principale #12, Rogersville, NB      
  E4Y 2L6 Lucie Richard  T: 775-2811 - maison  Secretary
    Cecilia Gallant T: 775-2800 President
  Hours of Operation - Third Thursday of the       
  month - 10am to noon. e-mail: lucie999@nb.sympatico.ca  
Sackville Sackville & District Assistance Center T: 536-4164    
  Susan Bour: H 536-3054 9 Willow Lane, Unit B, Sackville, NB E4L 4P4
  Joan Cant: H 536-2350 email: susanbour2@outlook.ca  
  Elisabeth Hallet: H 939-0989      
  Hours of Operation- Wednesday 9:30 - 11:30      
  We deal with emergency boxes as needed. They are not on the system either  
Shédiac Vestiaire St. Joseph T: 532-1147 F: 659-2292  
  60 rue du Vestiaire E4P 2W5      
  Carol Boudreau-Executive Director      
  Mark LeBlanc- Assistant Executive Director       
  Hours of Operation:  Mon - Fri  - 9am-11:30am, 12:30pm-4pm      
Sussex Sussex Sharing Club Inc. T: 433-6047    
  Lois King: H 433-4481 C 435-0004 26 Everleigh St    E4E 2N8
  Pam Kaye: H 433-0463 email:  sussexsharingclub@nb.aibn.com    
     Sussex, NB - mailing address  
  Hours of Operation (store): Mon-Fri: 10am-3pm Every second & third week only  
  Hours of Operation (office): Mon: 8am-3pm, Tues-Fri: 8:30am-3pm      
  The Salvation Army Sussex and Food Bank T: 433-3315                  F: 866-237-8385
  Mark Kish 79 Main Street  E5P 3A5  
    Email: mark_kish@can.salvationarmy.org
Salisbury Salisbury Helping Hands Food Bank T: 372-9787    
  Bruce Cunningham: H 372-5789 64 Douglas Street, Salisbury E4J 3E3
  David Miller (Vice President): H 372-5681 email: helpinghands@bellaliant.com  
  Tammy Constantine (President): H: 372-4741. C: 863-4590      
  Hours of Operation: Tues,Wed: 10am-4:00pm      
Moncton Big Hearts Small City T: 871-8920 F: 384-0051  
  Jason Surette  -  C 871-8920 12 Angus Lane, Riverview, NB  E1B 5L9  
    email: bigheartssmallcity@hotmail.com
  We are available 24-7 if needed.      
  Needs to be on FDA System?  They are not using it.      
  Carl Meredith  Email.  carlmeredith@hotmail.com  
  Phone: 858-5707 or 862-9533