Banana Recovery

What can one do with over 2,000 lbs of extra bananas you may ask? Well, with help from our amazing volunteers, the Food Depot Alimentaire was able to reduce a huge amount of waste! We received an abundance of bananas from Sobeys Nova Scotia to our warehouse, which we knew immediately that we needed to use before they were too ripe to do so! So, we put a plan into action to bake banana muffins at our Medavie Community Kitchen at the Peter McKee Community Food Centre. We did it! Not only were we able to treat our volunteers and clients to a delicious snack, but we were also able to recover over 2,000 lbs of bananas!

The METS program also reached out and took a large amount of bananas to bake in their kitchen. All of the muffins are being donated back to the food assistance program as well as the cafe of the Peter McKee Community Food Centre.

Food recovery is important to us at the Food Depot Alimentaire and we strive to recycle as much product as we can to better serve our community. By doing so, we spread the message that recovering, reusing, and recycling are really the best policies! We would like to thank our volunteers (pictured below), led by Brian Corbett, who helped bake the banana muffins, our community partners (METS) and Sobeys Nova Scotia for generously donating the bananas! Without you all, we would have not been able to bake these tasty treats!