The time has come to work together as a community to help us re-stock our shelves at the Food Depot Alimentaire. 


We are currently in our slower season. There are several ways you can help.  For example, organizing a food drive is an excellent approach to gather donations (If you were to have a food drive, we would provide the bins and have one of our vehicles at your location to pick up what you have collected).


Another way to help is to give a donation directly at the Food Depot Alimentaire.  Here is a list of our most needed items:

  • - Canned goods (soup, vegetables, meats, tomato sauce)
  • - Dry goods (pasta, rice, cereal)
  • - Dry meals (Hamburger Helper, Kraft Dinner, Mr. Noodles)


Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much!