Thank You Valerie LeBlanc at Bluewave Energy!

A huge thank you goes out to Valerie LeBlanc, Branch Administrator at Bluewave Energy, for donating her complete 2017 allowance of $400 to the Food Depot Alimentaire!  ‘’You should all feel so proud at the extremely important and meaningful work that you all do – both staff and volunteers!!!’’ writes Valerie after spending an enjoyable and very educational day as a volunteer herself at the Food Depot Alimentaire.


Parkland Industries, the Parent Company of Bluewave Energy, created and opportunity (and the funds) for every employee in North America to donate an amount each year to the charity of every employee’s choice.  Funds are added for every year of service for that staff member.  The donation capacity can also increase with volunteer hours.  The employee decides whether they want to donate their complete allowance or to make various donations.


‘’I was holding off my donation this year to ensure it went to a vital service/organization that I felt would most benefit from the donation dollars’’ writes Valerie.  ‘’I was in the midst of researching this and that, leaning towards one organization in particular, and after yesterday’s learning experience, that organization completely came through my heart!!!’’


Click here for a link to Bluewave Energy’s website.