Food Recovery Program Kicks Off!



Working together to have a ZERO WASTE city!

Thanks to our retail partners: Sobeys, Loblaw, Costco

To join in on the FRP program please contact us at or 506-383-4281

Current FRP Members:

  • -House of Nazareth
  • -Karing Kitchen
  • -Ray of Hope
  • -Harvest House
  • -Peter McKee Community Food Centre
  • -Salvation Army family and community services


MONCTON – The Food Depot Alimentaire, in partnership with the City of Moncton and local non-profit food agencies, have launched a city-wide “Food Recovery Program,” after identifying the need for programs to help reduce food waste in the region.

“This new program helps with the goal of “Reducing Food and Drink Waste” from the Urban Agriculture and Food Security priority of the Social Inclusion Plan,” says Kayla Breelove Carter, Community Development Officer for Social Inclusion with the City of Moncton. “We are happy to partner with such wonderful community organizations working hard to better the lives of our citizens.”

“The Food Recovery Program is one of the first types of formalized initiatives in our region to really channel surplus food to people. Through this program, stores can donate edible food with expired shelf life that would normally be thrown away. The food that is currently being thrown away is definitely not waste and we aim to recover as much as we can,” said Chantal Senecal, Executive Director of Food Depot Alimentaire.

Meat, dairy, and other foods before and after shelf life can be donated. It will be distributed to various partnered food programs with a zero waste approach. The Food Recovery Program’s main objectives include:


  • Reduce food waste, specifically fresh foods in local area grocery stores and markets.
  • Create a centralized system for efficiency and reduce workload for retailers and non-profit organizations.
  • Create transportation logistics and reduce carbon foot print.
  • Increase food safety by keeping the cold chain, and proper warehouse storage.
  • Increase food security for individuals and families who need the food.
  • Benefit from the Provincial Charitable Donation of Food Act.


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